An Economic Approach to Neutral Host Network Deployments

With demand for more capacity and connectivity necessitating wireless network densification, the required indoor and outdoor network buildouts can be capital intensive. At commercial real estate settings like Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs), office buildings, mass transit stations, shopping malls, campuses, and convention centers, provisioning service for more than one mobile network operator (MNO) is essential. In addition, new licensed, unlicensed, and shared spectrum is being made available to bring a range of new services for end-user applications, exacerbating the site infrastructure ROI challenge for venue owners and third-party owners (3PO) of multi-operator networks. This white paper will first describe Neutral Host Networks (NHNs) for the scope of this paper, along with a brief comparison between NHN ownership models. It will then list the benefits and challenges that affect the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for NHNs. Finally, it explains opportunities for NHN owners to lower the TCO by minimizing the deployment complexity while providing an economical path to leverage future spectrum allocations to improve capacity per user or monetize new use cases.
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