Enterprises face a host of operational issues to support their evolving networks – predominantly coverage capacity, reliability and control. These issues, when coupled with emerging technologies, are accelerating the deployment of private LTE or 5G networks.

But how can enterprises make the most of their spending on private LTE or 5G networks?

Evaluating and purchasing the right solution from the vast ecosystem of vendors can be costly, in terms of both time and money. Knowing how to select the best solution to meet your network requirements is one critical step towards achieving this goal.

Join our webinar, where Min Huang will:

  • - Explore what constitutes the TCO for a private wireless network
  • - Reveal how to simplify operations while meeting network requirements in a TCO model
  • - Show how to bring in efficiencies in deployment in a TCO model

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min huang

Min Huang, Solution Engagement Director at Amdocs Open Network


rich headshot-1

Rich Berliner, CEO/Publisher at Fifth Gen Media

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